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Ground Control Orthotics provides pedorthic services in HRM and Nova Scotia. Our services include: biomechanical assessments, custom foot orthotics and custom modified orthopedic footwear. 

Ground Control Orthotics 

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Home visits and satellite clinics are available throughout HRM and Nova Scotia


What are foot orthotics and custom orthopedic shoes?

What are foot orthotics?


Custom foot orthotics are orthopedic devices, similar to shoe inserts that are prescribed and designed to control and maintain proper foot alignment, alleviate pressure, and reduce pain of the foot and lower limb. 


What are custom modified orthopedic shoes?


In some cases, it is necessary to provide additional support or to accommodate irregular shaped feet and pressure points by way of modifying footwear.


Treatable conditions

Foot orthotics are effective in treating many foot injuries, pathologies and pain

Custom foot orthotics have been shown to be effective in treating the following conditions:

  •  Arthritis

  •  Diabetes

  •  Plantar fasciitis

  •  Achilles tendonitis

  •  Bunions and bunionettes

  •  Shin splints

  •  Claw toes or hammer toes

  •  Lower limb length discrepancies

  •  Sports injuries

  •  Metatarsalgia

  •  Other foot injuries due to accidents, and many       more


Foot casts made with the Vertical Foot Alignment System

Vertical Foot Alignment System


At Ground Control Orthotics we use a state-of-the-art foot casting system which allows us to capture the foot in its optimal position while weight bearing. We are the first to use the Vertical Foot Alignment System in Canada. Capturing the foot’s shape in weight bearing results in better patient outcomes, reduced pain and increased comfort.


Insurance coverage

Our services are covered by most private insurance policies.


Direct billing is available through Medavie Blue Cross for:

  • Canadian Armed Forces

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

  • Veteran's Affairs Canada (VAC)

  • Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP)

Direct billing is also available through Worker's Compensation Board of Nova Scotia (WCB) 


About Us

Get to know our team!

Ground Control Orthotics is an evidence based; patient centered pedorthic clinic. The clinic is owned and operated by Yotam Friedman Raz C. Ped (C) and Jennifer Saunders C. Ped Tech (C). 


Yotam graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) with honours. As part of his degree Yotam carried out two pilot studies on the application of foot orthotics obtained from weight bearing casts. Yotam used to be a full time shoemaker, and has been making shoes since the age of 19.


Jennifer attended Mount Saint Vincent University, and then perused a career in orthotic fabrication. In 2012 Jennier obtained a pedorthist’s certification from the American Board for Certification In Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics and a pedorthic technician certification from the College of Pedorthics of Canada in 2016. Jennifer is one of a handful of individuals in Nova Scotia who is proficient in orthopedic footwear modifications.



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2271 Beaver Bank Rd.

Beaver Bank, NS. B4G 1E4.